Roman Candle Attack Drone 2.0

The video that put us on the map.

Please Do Not Do This Anywhere! 

Fun Video that has been watched all over the world and been on the White Rabbit Project

Big Kitty Jumps off Boat at 40MPH

Big Kitty jumping off the boat and doing a Canon Ball at 40MPH. 

Danger Bay YouTube Trailer 2014

Best year end edit of all the Craziness that goes on in Danger Bay. And the footage is only getting better.

Florida Wakecation 2017

Winter Wakeboarding at a couple wakeboard parks in Florida

Canada's Wonderland Freestyle Ski Show

Fun ski show I did this summer at Canada's Wonderland with Rick Davis Productions.

Hold My Beer and Watch This! Quad Jump

Matt jumping his quad into the river that is mostly covered in ice.