About Me

My Background

I started out doing extreme sports at a young age and progressed to doing professional inline skating shows and competing semi-pro in skiing all over the world. After 8 years of doing that I ended up getting a real job but still liked to push myself in a variety of sports and make fun video's.

The Team

 My name is Andy Stewart. Along with Matt Trueman we have always been very active in action sports and really like making video edits of our Shinanigans. This website is to entertain people with our Craziness.
My main YouTube Channel Andy Stewart has all of our Best Stunts and Crazy Footage and check out our Newest DIP YW Channel for all of our Best Bails and Fails. DIP YW is a term I have used for a long time to encourage people to do things they might need some help getting up the nerve. It stands for "Do It Pu**y, You Won't"  

Our Mission

Play Hard

Enjoy the video's of all the fun stuff we do. Subscribe to our channel's for more great content in the future. Please contact me for Licensing requests.


Check out the video that made us Baymous